Rural . Taiwan

During the last two decades, the inner districts of Taichung along with its outskirts have seen a drastic co-urbanization, meaning the loss or fragmentation of the natural landscape.
What seems to stop or at least slow down the construction process is a natural boundary, the mountain Dadu 大肚山 “big belly” gently divides the western districts of Shalu, Wuqi, and Longjing to the rest of the township.

This series shot around the highlighted yellow area aims to depict a rural environment not strictly related to the activity of agriculture and farming, which directly and indirectly, affect commerce, anthropology, and the morphology of the territory.

My visual research rather reflects on the symbolic meaning of “rural” framed in a timeline, in terms of a medium between the pre-industrial society and the effects of contemporary civilization which in Taichung results in massive urbanization and semiconductor industries.

Taken as a medium, a rural imaginary offers viewpoints on new constructions in its process of destroying-modification of a land piece from the very raw beginning to the ultimate creation. Here, other than reflecting on the sense of life motion, I try to traceback rural landscapes to their rawness.

Underwater . Seoul

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